Kpn Wba Redundancy

Posted on Thursday, December 19, 2019

Kpn Wba Redundancy

The xDSL/FTTH network in the Netherlands is an important aspect of connectivity. The flexible parties offering DSL connections for a competitive price are more and more scarce, while at Comsave we found that the market for DSL is becoming increasingly important. With the construction of fiber the number of high speed xDSL services increases. Using xDSL as a back-up for fiber or as an affordable connection for separated telephone traffic, are amongst the many available options.  

For this very reason, Comsave has build a redundant DSL network. Via 2 separate 10-gigabit connections with KPN, at 2 different data centre locations, we made sure that our service is as redundant as possible. Both data centres have their own redundant transit to the internet via 2 different parties. With this, we can spread the risk and offer redundancy to our partners.

Because Comsave receives their connections from KPN on layer 2, we can use every IP address (whether managed by you or by us) for the connection.

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