Newsletter December 2019

Posted on Thursday, December 19, 2019

Dear reader,

Through this newsletter we would like to inform you of the most recent platform and network updates at Comsave. We hope that these expansions and additions will move your experience with our platform to a higher level. 



Platform Updates


Add colleagues to your projects and work together more efficiently


Add colleagues to your project and ensure that all the people involved in your deliveries, from technical specialists to procurement colleagues, stay up-to-date regarding their part of the project. You can assign roles to any colleague involved and determine what kind of information they should receive and which actions they can take. For instance, they will receive a notification when they are asked to approve or create an order. To access this new feature, login to your portal account and click on 'Users'. 



Starting February 1st 2020 Comsave launches it's Wholesale SIP Trunking platform

Starting February 1st 2020 you can also make use of wholesale trunking, hosted on Comsave's own platform. With this new platform we offer, amongst others, sip trunking, number registration, number hosting, CDR rating and LCR. This new service is accessible via our own wholesale portal and API's with the same speed and transparency you are used to. Interested? Receive more information via 



Network Updates


Network expansion in Belgium and Germany


New networks have been added to the Comsave core network. We have added new networks in Germany and Belgium this month, making it even easier to order in these countries. Do you have customers in Belgium or Germany? No problem, you can find addresses easily with our Google Search button. You can also provide us with the GPS coordinates, for the most accurate location.  



Kpn Wba Redundancy


The xDSL/FTTH network in the Netherlands is an important aspect of connectivity. The flexible parties offering DSL connections for a competitive price are more and more scarce, while at Comsave we found that the market for DSL is becoming increasingly important. With the construction of fiber the number of high speed xDSL services increases. Using xDSL as a back-up for fiber or as an affordable connection for separated telephone traffic, are amongst the many available options. For this very reason, Comsave has build a redundant DSL network. Via 2 separate 10-gigabit connections with KPN, at 2 different data centre locations, we made sure that our service is as redundant as possible. Both data centres have their own redundant transit to the internet via 2 different parties. With this, we can spread the risk and offer redundancy to our partners. 

Because Comsave receives their connections from KPN on layer 2, we can use every IP address (whether managed by you or by us) for the connection. 


Upgraded core locations due to transit and carrier connections in multiple locations


We have been working hard on the upgrade of our core PoP locations. We keep on expanding our data centre in the Enquinix AM4 by connecting with multiple large carriers, e.g KPN and Ziggo, to offer our clients redundant connections. This means that a breakdown in one data centre is completely separate from your connection to other core locations. Every core location has its' own internet transit to ensure that a malfunction between data centres will not result in a weakened internet connection. In combination with BGP this makes for a very strong connection.



End of year survey


We would like to hear your thoughts and kindly ask you to give us feedback on your experiences with our connectivity platform, products and services. This way we can better tailor our products and services to fit your needs! Filling out the survey takes less than 5 minutes and can be done via the button below. We will also send the survey as a separate email for your convencience. 



Want to receive more updates?


Read more via the News page on de Comsave website and stay up-to-date about the most recent developments. 


Happy Holidays!

We wish you a happy and healthy 2020!

Warm regards,

Team Comsave


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