Newsletter October 2019

Posted on Friday, October 18, 2019
Dear reader,

Through this newsletter we would like to inform you of our most recent platform and network updates. We aim to offer you the best possible experience by continuously expanding and upgrading our platform.
What will you be doing during Capacity Europe 2019? 


Hereby you´re invited to visit the Comsave stand #2 for a live demo of the Comsave platform! By using a single interface to source, quote and connect, Comsave helps you to simplify your workflow, save time and margin. Come see for yourself at the Comsave stand on October 29 - 31 or book a live demo!



Platform Updates


Previously you were already able to view and track your orders via the Orders page, but from now on you can also view and track all your custom orders. Also, we've added all your old orders, so that you can review your order history.

At Comsave we are always working hard to expand our network availability, so that you never have to miss out on an offer. In line with our mission we have added new networks to make it even easier to quote and order in Belgium and Germany.

Does your client have addresses abroad? Click on the country you are looking for and type in the zip code.


Comsave sponsors Run for KiKa
What is Run for KiKa?


Run for Kika is a part of the Children Cancerfree Foundation. Even though the percentage of remission of child cancer has increased over the past years and upto 75 percent, specialists say that a lot more results can be booked. KiKa strives for a 95 procent healing rate of all children with cancer. By providing increasingly better treatments, children will also experience less uncomfortable side effects. The results of recent research are promising and hopefully Run for Kika can help speed up the goal of 95 procent healing rates.

KiKa Marathon New York 2019


Yes, already the 10th edition of the New York marathon for KiKa! Thursday October 31st KiKa leaves with 95 contestants to New York for the marathon. There will be 42 kilometers to enjoy, with goosebumps on your arms, while running through The Big Apple where over a milon spectators will be cheering your on until the finish line. With over 50.000 contestents this marathon belngs to the largest in the world. Since the founding of Run for KiKa Marathon in 2010, every year it has been a great success where milions have been raised for Foundation Children Cancerfree. For more information check out the website of Kika.


How can I support Run for KiKa?


Want to become a sponsor of Run for Kika? It is very simple: choose your favourite team, project of runner and select your preferred amount. To become a sponsor yourself click here.



Welcome Jessica!

It is our pleasure to announce that Jessica is joining the Comsave Team as Marketing Director! She will be responsible for Comsave's marketing activities and campaigns. For instance she will be working on the preparations of Comsave's attendance at Capacity Europe 2019  in Londen & Capacity Asia 2019 in Hong Kong. Also she will be working on the continuous development of our Customer Journey to ensure that Comsave delivers the best possible customer experience for its' clients. 



Who is Jessica?


In short about me; I have a passion for learning and growing on a continuous basis. I enjoy developing skills both personally and professionally. I accomplish this by hard work, curiosity, stepping out of my comfort zone, creativity and finding new challenges. I am always looking for ways to improve the quality and efficiency of the customer experience and marketing campaigns, to elevate them to the next level. Also, I try to contribute to a positive atmosphere in my team, where people are not affraid to be vulnerable and to make mistakes. Because in this way the team's can continue ti reach the highest possible levels of productivity and innovativeness.My name is Jessica Verburg and I am very excited about this great new opportunity at Comsave! 

Why Comsave?


Comsave appealed to me for several reasons; Comsave has a beautiful vision that offers both qualirt of service, customised solutions for customers and efficiency. This is very pleasant as an employee because you can stand behind the company's brand completely, and notice that the customer always comes first. Comsave is a very innovative and flexible organisation, which was founded to be able to help others in the industry to make connectivity easier and fun. This enables us to quickly respond to changes in the market and allows us to make a difference for our clients. Besides that, Comsave is growing rapidly, also internationally, and I find it very exciting to be able to be a part of this! And finally, Comsave is a dynamic organisation where ICT and Telecom overlap, which makes my role here extra challenging. 



First impression? 


At Comsave there is a culture of working hard, putting our customers -partners- first and the organisation has a flexible and solution-oriented mindset. Also, there is a pleasant organisational culture of working together and thinking outside-the-box. I belief that because Comsave puts itself in their clients' shoes, this is not only in the clients' best interest, but also for the employees of Comsave. This way employees can remain as creative as they can be and feel like they make a difference. In short, my expectations have been exceeded and I am looking forward to a fun and fruitful collaboration with my new colleagues! 



Warm regards,

Team Comsave



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