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DSL internet is a collective name for ADSL, VDSL and SDSL connections. Via a copper wire telephone connection data communication is being made possible. Using ADSL the speed which the internet user receives data with, is higher than the speed which the data is transmitted by (asymmetric). Whichever technology is used, DSL connections are the easy-to-set-up solution for smaller businesses and start-ups.


  • Speeds up to 200MB/s
  • Low cost internet solution, perfect for smaller businesses or start-ups
  • Excellently suitable for start-ups and small businesses who do not require a high-speed internet connection or if the company location does not have Business fiber & COAX/cable internet connections

DSL Types

ADSL connections are used nowadays as a redundancy solution (back up connections) or as primary connections for small businesses (fewer than 10 administrative employees). 

Cloud services and hosted VoIP are limited on a DSL connection. DSL is a standard for digital technology that allows faster data communication over a copper wire telephone line, also called broadband technology. Using ADSL the speed which an internet user receives data with (downstream) is higher than the speed the same user can transmit at (upstream).

customized connections

Customized connections

Every organisation has a different way of using the internet, depending on the usage and the number of employees. A company that merely sends emails and surfs on the internet requires a business internet connection that differs from that required by a multinational. Internet over business glass fibre is deliverable in many different speeds. At Comsave we supply all speeds available, being able to always offer you a suitable connection.

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