The best internet in your business center

Comsave provides Business Internet and Telecommunication (VOIP) services across all business networks throughout The Netherlands. It is highly likely that we already provide networks and business internet solutions within your business centre. We manage the internet and telecommunication services for you at a fixed low price. Opportunity to start care-free immediately and is monthly terminable. In addition to business internet, over the same connection we also provide services such as: Hosted VoIP, Managed WiFi Networks, Hosted exchange, online backup and file sharing. You need not to worry about the management of these services, as we take care of that for you.


  • Full service support: Hosted VoIP, managed WiFi, business internet in one
  • Great network coverage
  • Low, fixed priced
  • Possible to switch overall multiple users in a business complex
  • Win-win for both for renters and owners!

We take care of all your business communication needs

We take care of all your business communication needs


Business internet

Business fiber or internet via cable, 4G or radio relay? Comsave delivers the internet connection best suited to your needs. We also take care of your temporary needs or other challenges. 

Business Internet


Business Fiber

With business fiber your business could be the fastest online with speeds up to 10GB/s. Business fiber is available starting at 48 euro per month! 


Business Fiber


Business Networks

Does your organization have multiple locations? Comsave delivers business networks via cable, DSL, business fiber or radio relay. Secured, scalable and fit for your organization.

Business Networks

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