Extensive data bundles with a business subscription

Using Comsave Mobile does not only allow you to make unlimited calls and send an unlimited number of text messages within The Netherlands, but also it connects you to the internet anywhere. This way you can always check your email and browse the internet using your mobile phone. That is rather convenient when you are on your way to a business appointment.


  • Great coverage
  • Fixed and low monthly fees
  • Extensive data bundles (starting at 1GB/month)
  • Delivered across a stable and reliable network
  • Possibility of setting up your own accessibility per telephone number
Networks we support
salesforce eurofiber colt tele2 kpn ziggo zakelijk verizon business ubiquiti cisco caiway mikrotik ziggo edpnet crossnetworks telenet

We take care of all your business communication needs

We take care of all your business communication needs


Business VOIP

Are your co-workers still calling the old-fashioned way? With VoIP telephony calls are being directed over the internet. This means you only need one network for both telephony- and dataservices, without any loss of call quality!

Business VoIP

Business IPTV

Business IPTV delivers the highest image- and sound quality. Watch television in the office now!

Business IPTV

Business Telephony

Whether you are a starting entrepreneur or an established company: a customised Comsave business telephone subscription is always a good choice

Business Telephony
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